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35mm colour slides Ron Oakley Collection Box 1 Gloucester Sharpness Bristol, Bristol Water Festivals 1971 1972 BWF "The Sharpness passage" Box 1 1 GloucesterDock from high viewpoint, 2 BW mb "Severnside" Sharpness - Gloucester canal, 3 Sharpness dock swing bridge, 4 Dockmasters Office Sharpness BWF convoy assembling, 5 Chart of Severn Estuary, 6 MT "Bristolian" Milford Haven - Quedgley Gloucester tanker traffic, 7 BWF convoy sailing Sharpness for River Avon, Bristol, 8 BWF convoy in Severn estuary , 9 BWF convoy under Severn bridge , 10 BWF convoy entering Bristol River Avon at Avonmouth, 11 BWF convoy entering Bristol River Avon at Avonmouth,12 Pill Creek River Avon 1/2 tide, 13 BWF 1972 craft gathering in St Augustine's reach Bristol City docks, 14 BWF 1972 craft gathering in St Augustine's reach Bristol City docks, 15 BWF 1972 Trinity House vessel MV "Hecate" and dingy race, 16 BWF 1972 St Augustine's reach, 17 BWF 1972 Craft arriving from River Avon upstream of Bristol, 18 BWF 1972 St Augustine's reach Bristol city docks sea cadets corps "Royalist" , 19 BWF St Augustine's Reach sea cadet corp training ship Royalist", 20 BWF St Augustine's Reach sea cadet corp training ship Royalist" 21 River Avon Beese's Tea Garden St. Anne's Bristol, 22 BWF 1972 convoy Sharpness to Bristol, 23 "Jongleur" Sharpness to Bristol, 24 Chepstow bridge River Wye, 25 River Severn low tide Sharpness, 26 Ashmeads tug and barge loaded with mahogany logs Avonmouth to Lydney; BOX 2 -27 BWF Sharpness to Bristol convoy, 28 BWF Sharpness to Bristol convoy, 29 BWF Sharpness to Bristol convoy, 30 BWF Sharpness to Bristol convoy chimney, 31 BWF Sharpness to Bristol convoy approaching the severn Bridge, 32 BWF Sharpness to Bristol convoy under the Severn Bridge, 33 BWF Sharpness to Bristol convoy Pill bridge River Avon, 34 BWF Sharpness to Bristol convoy River Avon entrance lock to city docks, 35 BWF Sharpness to Bristol convoy Sharpness dock, 36 BWF Sharpness to Bristol convoy Sharpness dock locking, 37 River Severn estuary near Sharpness, 38 River Severn estuary near Sharpness, 39 Tom Higgs (IWA SW branch member aboard his cc "Jemima" 40 River Severn chart, 41 Under the Severn bridge, 42 Convoy from the Severn bridge, 43 Convoy from the Severn bridge, 44 Convoy from the Severn bridge, 45 The Severn bridge, 46 Avon Gorge Clifton suspension bridge 47 Avon Gorge Clifton suspension bridge, 48 Avon Gorge, 49 46 Avon Gorge, 50 46 Avon Gorge, 51 46 Avon Gorge Hung Road (3 hours before high water), 52 Avonmouth dock entrance pier, 53 Avonmouth MV Halifax City Chas Hill & Son, 54 Avonmouth dock ships in dock USSR, 55 HMSM "Walrus" BrIistol city docks; BOX 3 Bristol City docks Totterdon basin feeder canal netham lock River Avon 1971 to 1973; 56 Cumberland basin from Roundham Hill, 57 Cumberland basin from Roundham Hill, 58 St Augustine's reach, 59 HM Sub moored Narrow Quay St Augustine's reach, 60 Salvage small scale, 61 Salvage small scale, 62 Salvage large scale SS Great Britain rudder, 63 Salvage large scale SS Great Britain side, 64 Salvage large scale SS Great Britain side and dockside, 65 Sand sucker and cranes Grove Wharf, 66 Totterdown (basin) lock after IWA SW branch voluntary working parties 1973, 67 Totterdown (basin) lock David Hutchins, John humphries, 68 Netham lock feeder canal, 69 Ariel Rowing clubhouse River Avon St Anne's, 70 River Avon near Saltford, 71 Bristol harbour Early days painting, 72 Bristol harbour Early days painting, 73 Bristol harbour Early days painting by Thomas Griffin 1775 to 1802, 74 Bristol harbour Broad Quay Peter Monamy 1670 to 1749, 75 Bristol harbour at Hotwells Samuel Jackson 1794 to 1869, 76 Bristol harbour at Hotwells J M W Turner 1775 to 1851, 77 Bristol Harbour. BOX 4. 78 Map, 79 Comberland Basin entrance lock 2 hours before high water Tobacco bonds in background, 80 Windsor Terrace, Clifton overlooking dock entrance, 81 The Grid Iron and original dock entrance, 82 The stanked off Merchant's dock Hotwell dock sand wharf, 83 SS Great Britain, 84 gas Ferry landing, 85 Steam Crane, 86 Centre Bridgehead "Ardea" on mooring, 87 Centre Bridgehead Bristol West Building Society Tower, 88 Centre Bridgehead Neptunes Statue, 89 Radcliffe Bascule bridge, 90 Western Counties Agricultural Cooperative mill Redcliffe Back, 91 Western Counties Agricultural Cooperative mill Redcliffe Back, 92: King Stree Little theatre, Coopers Hall Llandoger Trow PH. 93: St icholas Church. 94: Bristol Bridge.95: St Philips Bridge on right is Hovis Mill, on left originally tramway Power station. 96: Lead Shot Tower. 97: St Philips Bridge, sand wharf/suckers; shot tower.98: Temple mead station approach arches. 99:Totterdown Basin - approaching.100: Wooden Docks Ferry Boat - The last surviving. 101:Toterdown Basin, Junction of habour to feeder canal.102: Totterdown Basin, post IWA voluntary working parties?? (1973).103: Marsh Lane Bridge, feeder canal (1 mile long). 104: Approaching Netham Lock feeder canal Bristol. 105: Netham Lock feeder canal junction with River Avon.106: etham Lock from River approach. 107: Brislington New Bridge. 108: Brislington New Bridge and entrance to Netham Lock (fork on right). 109: Map. 110:"Tower Belle!" on River Avon.. 111: Hanham Lock BW (end of Bristol's navigation). 112 The Chequers Inn, Hanham Mill River Avon. 112a St Augustine's Reach from the Quayside 'V@ shed. 112b: Cruisers - tank landing craft; sea cadets, narrow boat. 112c RN Helicopter Demonstration, St Augustine's Reach. 112d Narrowboats Romulus and Jamel. 112e St Augustine's Reach from control centre 'V' shed.BOX 5 113: Puddle gear alongside railway track BW dock. 114: Brick arched bridge B + TC. 115:Lock and brick bridge B+TC. Nb in canal to Basin Lock b+tc + bwd Oct 1989. 118: BW workboat and stop lank (removed?) Oct 1989. 120:BW Workboat towing nb out of canal lock Oct 1989. 121: BW workboat towing nb out of canal lock Oct 1989. 122: BWP sea lock struts in place (barge lock) Aug 1984. 123: BWD sea lock struts removed (barge loock) Aug 1984. 124: BWD Yacht headwind registered at Rochester passing through New Buscule Bridge August 1984. 125: BWD yacht Whitehall in barge entrance lock from River Parrett August 1984. 126: BWD entrance gates from River Parrett (leaking at high water) August 1984. 127: BWD Bowerings Mill and The Hill and Pontoons - no date. 128: BWD Bowerings Mill and The Hill and Pontoons - no date. 129: BWD The Hill - clearance prior to removal of the Hill. no date. 130: : BWD The Hill - clearance prior to removal of the Hill. no date. 131: : BWD The Hill - clearance prior to removal of the lampost, steps down to dock waterl. no date. 132: : BWD The Hill - clearancein progress and lorryl. no date.133: B +TC brick arched bridge TP upgraded, weed cleared onto bank no date. 134: BWD new building and yacht. no date. 135: BWD new building and yacht. no date. 136:BWD concrete dam and wooden cill. Canal to dock?mJune 1987. 137: ? Basin and gates. Where? not B + TC. 138: Bristol and Totterdown basin/lock post IWA SWB volunteers work party March 1973. 139: BWD Dam and old bridge, before replacement by bascule bridge Oct 1999. 140: BWD gate and stop planks Oct 1999. 141: BWD pontoons, no boats, new apartments including Ron's. Oct 1999. 142: BWD pontoons/boat sea cadets. 143: BWD Pontoons/ narrowboat; Bowerings Mill; new apartments August 1995. 144: BWD dredger BW Marine Co, New apartments 'Hillside' no date. 145:BWD Ron's cruiser on pontoons August 1986. 146:BWD Ron's cruiser on pontoons completed July 1974. 147: BWD Marina/yacht. July 1974. 148: BWD Winch blue painted July 1974. 149: BWD Ship Lock? top gates July 1974. 150:BWD concrete dam. 151: BWD Marina. 152: BWD marina bowering and Hill. 153: 154: and 155 - no slides.BOX 6. 156: BWD Brunel's dragboat used to move mud to sluices to river Parrett. 157: BWD entrance from river Parrett and movile pumps. 158: BWD Bowerings Mill with the Hill formed by dock escavation Oct 1984. 159: BWD The Hill burning off prior to removal of hill Oct 1984. 160: BWD The Hill burning off prior to removal of hill . Ron's cruiser in foreground. Oct 1984. 161: BWD concrete dam, top removed. Dam below top gates May 1984.162: BWD concrete dam, top removed. Diver below top gates May 1984. 163: BWD concrete dam, top half removed. May 1984. 164: BWD sea lock to/from river Parrett. Struts in place June 1984. 165: BWD sea lock to/from river Parrett. Struts dislodged May 1985. 165a: BWD demolishing concrete dam May 1978. 166: BWD demolishing conctrete dam with jack hammer on escavator August 1978. 167: BWD gates, with blue winch attached to ?? August 1984.168: BWD concrete dam valve flange fitted. August 1978. 169: BWD concrete dam with valve fitted August 1978. 170: BWD new concrete dam constructed above gates. Augu 1984. 171: BWD yacht entering basin August 1984. 172: BWD Yacht in basin August 1984. 173: BWD rack gearing, where??? 174: BWD Ron's cruiser still early days - bow view August 1978. 175: BWD Ron's cruiser early days August 1984. 176: BWD Ron's cruiser lowering into dock Oct 1984.177: BWD lock gate unhinged August 1984. 178: BWD Wessex water pump in use - (outside Bowering) canal lock October 1984. 179: BWD black yacht 'Headwind' registered at Rochester, under new Bascule Bridge August 1984. 180: BWD black yacht 'Headwind' registered at Rochester,leaving and sailing down River Parrett August 1984. 181: BWD White yacht moored on River Parrett entrance lock August 1984. 182: BWD white yacht entering on river Parrett entrance lock August 1984.183: BWD white yacht in dock basin August 1984.184:New gates? access to/from River Parrett. 185:New gates top. 186:Stop plank and entrance from river Parrett. 187: new top gate.188. new top gate unhinged. 189: Marina with pontoons MT. June 1984.190: Marina with pontoons The Hill not yet removed August 1984.191: Marina from entrance towards canal January 2001. 192: Marina from canal end January 2001. 193: Marina and quayside from The Hill Augusut 1984. THE RON OAKLEY COLLECTION, BRISTOL WATER FESTIVALS. BOX 7 Flying fox RNR training ship. Official part boarding launch. / Sea cadet Launch / Narrow quay. Cranes at Bathurst Wharf / Princes Wharf M1146 THU 'Accate' helicopter demo (5 cranes) / Paddle steamer siren. / Sea cadets rowing. / Sea cadets rowing No 18: M1146 (1971) / Sea cadets ashmeads tug and barges; Prince Street Bridge. / St Augustine's Reach M1146. Metropolitan Ho; CWS and Bristol and West Building Soc Buildings. / Narrow quay NB 'Antures'. / Narrow quay NB 'Antures' and helicopter demo no 414. / Sharpness Dock. Craft assembling for convoy to Bristol. / Sharpness Dock. Craft assembling in lock for convoy to Bristol. / St Augustine Rach yachts. / St Augustine Reach german navy, schnellboot squadron / Port of Bristol sailing club 'miorror' dinghies. /BWF 1973 - BWF displayed on 1st floor doors of 'v' shed .BOX 8 Slides 1 - 7 - The Huddersfield Narrow Canal February 1989 / Slides 1A : The Warwickshire River Avon - Weir/ 2A: The Warwickshire River Avon - Ron Oakley's 'Sondelle'/3A:The Warwickshire River Avon./4A: :The Warwickshire River Avon - Bridge./5A: :The Warwickshire River Avon - Ron Oakley + ????/6A: Glos Docks view from warehouse 'Sondelle' 'Pisgah'./7A: Sharpness Dock./8A:Sharpness Old Dock./ 9A: Sharpness Dock 'Tranquility'.
British Waterways Board Annual Report and Accounts 1981; Draft layout of a story about Chocolate Charlie by Andre Drucker; Kennet and Avon canal, Devizes to Caen Hill locks; Anderton Boat lift; BW draft layout Alphabetical List of locks; suggested list of building contractors; Notice Lock and Bridge Competition 1984; photograph Anderton Boat Lift; poster BWB "Water conservation - Overnight Closure of Locks" BW1842.96 ; Draft layout of proposed sign "Welcome to the Oxford Canal" ; general Arrangement drawing of Euro Crane 35C with dockside attachment dwg. no. 276058 ; General arrangement drawing of Vickers Lock Gate Control Dwg. no. PU 28832 1972; Notes oon "Forward Planning of Engineering Works" BW 8128/90 V E Tomlins ; Sketches of bridge Worcester lock 18537, BW 529.98 ; Notice Canal phone details ; 2000 miles of canoeing; draft layout BWB National Trust Properties near Waterways; Camping / caravanningnear the waterways; YouthHostels near the waterways; Leaflet "Engineering Practice BW 26.96; Waterways map; Leaflet BW Salaried staff pension fund; Booklet Harecastle Tunnel; leaflets re canal moorings ; Information sheet "Inland Waterways" ; "Running the Waterways" ; "A walk on the Wildside"; "A brief history ogfInland waterways" ; "The canal boat family"; List of tunnels; Leaflet "TheCanal Engineers"; BWB "Bibliography" ; Draft layout "Brindley and canals" Notes "Commercial Inland Waterways of the British Waterways Board" ; British Waterways Board " An Integrated Transport System"; "Freight carriage on British Watterways"; File Complaints 17/05/1971 to December 1974; BWB List of drawings held at Architect / Planners office at Hillmorton; Principle dimensions diagram of Pusher Tug; General arrangement drawings Stroud District Council "Dimore Brook Syphon" Dwgs 88/012/1 to 88/012/8; Booklet "The Place of Canals in Present day Society" Frank Price; "our Inland Waterways" Frank Price; Booklet BWB Leisureon the Inland Waterways; Initial response to the Monopolies and Mergers Commission report of May 1987; Biooklet "Severn Trent Water Authoority - Land Drainage Bye -Laws; BWB "The Last 10 Years" progress and Achievment 1963 - 1972; BWB "Some Waterway Reflections Frank Price" BW1390/84; Car log books hand written PUM 617M, PDG 287R;
British Waterways Publicity Materials.; Montgomery Canal Development BW759/90.Booklet of Canal Architecture in Britain by Frances Pratt BW646/83. Leaflet - Preston Brook and Saltersford Tunnels BW1349/84.A Plan showing the lines of intented Canals (cat no E762). Poster - IWA National Waterways Festival 1986 BW414/86.Poster - Travel the water by-ways BW144/96. Posters - The Boat Afloat Show 1971, Britains's inland waterways the fastest way of slowing down, Waterways for holidays, The Caledonian Canal 1822 - 1972. Letter dated Sep 1984 re Northwich Comes Home BW1347/84. Invitation card re opening of Blisworth Tunnel on Grand Uniion Canal BW1282/84.News Releases - re Gloucester Docks Development Proposals announced Nov 1980, BACATt comes to Town Feb 1974, Innovative Dredger (Witton II) for the Weaver Navigation Nov 1984 BW111/86, erways Board Annual Report 1974, Harecastle Tunnel Reopened Mar 77.Booklets/Leaflets - Waterways Museum, Stoke Bruerne,,Make the most of your waterways, Fellows Morton & Clayton Ltd, Explore the canals in 1976 BW501/92, History Trail Stoke Bruerne,transport: the Water way, The South Yorkshire Canal Waterway to Europe, Canal Holidays in Britain,Let the waterways unforld before you BW501/92, Discover the other England, Come cruising with us, Anderton Boat Lift, Northwich Salt Trail, River Thames Cruising Hotels, Some Waterway Reflections by Sir Frank Price DL, The Glasgow Canal Project Forth and Clyde Canal, British Waterways The Added Value, Take to the Gentle Highway BW501/92, Waterway User's Companion. Information pack containing info on Blisworth tunnel. Book by Avril Lansdell - The Clothes of the Cut. Two Christmas cards showing Llangollen canal between Trevor and Llangollen and Cowley Lock and the Grand Union Canal near Uxbridge. Envelope containing Christmas card showing Horse Drawn Ice Breaker.
BW Heritage Survey A3 Photocopies of large scale maps of Pocklington Canal, POC1 -POC16, North York Navigations Naburn; Shropshire Union Canal, Shropshire S & W and T & M canals PRN 001-191, and PRN 192 - PRN 464; Staffordshire and Worcester canal; Stourbridge Canal, Birmingham and Black Country canals ST1 - ST26; Swansea canal, South Wales and Somerset canals Swansea 1 - Swansea 8; Sheffield and Tinsley canals South Yorkshire Navigations ESCRICK,SSY 1 - SSY 19; Selby Canal, North Yorkshire Navigations NABURN Selby 1 - Selby 9;River Soar Navigation Grand Union Canal, North SAWLEY Soar 1 - Soar 44;Regents Canal, Grand Union and Regents canals BRAUNSTON, GUR1 - GUR 31;Ripon Canal and River Ure, North Yorkshire Navigations NABURN R/U 1 - R/U 16, Ouse 12; Shropshire Union canal SUC L1 - SUL76; Shropshire Union Canal Middlewich Branch SUC M1 - SUC M18; Stratford upon Avon Canal (North), Stratford upon Avon Canal (South); Stratford upon Avon Canal, reservoir / Feeders; Trent Navigation, East Midlands Navigation and Grand Union Canal North, Trent 1 - Trent 110; Trent and Mersey Canal TM1 - TM145; River Stort, Lee and Stort Navigations, Stort 1 - Stort 22; Sheffield and South Yorkshire SSY1 - SSY68, NJ1 - NJ9; Leeds and Liverpool Canal Rufford Branch L+L R1 - L+ L R13; Leeds and Liverpool Canal L+L 100 - L+L 196; L+L reservoir; Pennine Canal Pennine and Potteries Waterways, MACC 1 - MACC 45; Monmouthshire and Brecon Canals, South Wales and Somerset canals, M+B 1 - M+B 58; Shropshire Union Canal, Montgomeryshire canal, Guilsfield, Weston and Llangollen branches; Nottigham Canal and Beeston cut; Oxford Canal Bridges 5 - 108, Oxford and Grand Union canals BRAUNSTON; Oxford Canal 1-86 Oxford and Grand Union canals BRAUNSTON; Peak Forest Canal
Canal Transport Leeds and Liverpool canal, transport rates various . Rates for Wool ex SS Ulysses at Liverpool, department wages w/e December, Aire and Calder Navigation Wheat in bulk Goole to Liverpool 1940, Railway Clearing House, Horley station, Surrey "Statutary Rules and Orders"; Department wages February 1942; Department wages March 1942;b Rates for Cotton and Linen goods Nelson to Liverpool and Biorkenhead; Milk, condensed in casks, cases or iron drums Manchester docks to Leigh Lancs, No. 278 "Mars" 14 tons of Goat hair 112 bales, Leather, undressed Class 15 Birkenhead and Blackburn 1943; Bobbins in cases, 500 tons cattle food in bags Selby to Liverpool; Dried fruit in boxes and cartons Hull to Keighley; Granulated Cork in Press packed bales; Ministry of transport Tolls and carriers rates 1946; List of through rates on the Aire and Calder Navigation 1947; Machinery for export ex Manchester docks 1947; Through rates Manchester Ship Canal; Copper ingots Manchester docks to Leeds; Gum Manchester docks to Nelson, Talc in bags Manchestwer docks; Wool, raw bales to Bradford and Bingley, Jute webbing Manchester docks to Leeds Shipley and Bradford, Newsprint on Reels Manchester docks to Leeds; Imprted flour Manchester Docks to Wigan and Leigh; Hardwood blocks in bundles Manchester docks to Blackburn; Flour, Grain list E Cattle meal and Cake Leeds to Skipton, Keighly, Bingley and Shipley; Rates Liverpool to various Coffee and Cocoa beans Machinery i parts boxed and unboxed; Talc raw, ground, pig lead; Raw cotton; Preserves; Ironwork, angle bars, steel plates; tate and Lyle small deliveries; Master Porterages Mersey Docks and Harbour board increase in rates; National Emergency Fuel rationing J H Whittaker (Transport) Ltd; Mersey Docks and Harbour board, Bye Laws with respect to the Regulation and Good government Government of Master Porters; Wool Control; London Midland and Scottish Railway and Canal Transport Limited Tabled Rates from Birkenhead
Correspondence relationg to Ladyline Ltd, North Shropshire District Council Proposed Development of site Conference Hotel complex, Marina Chandlery and offices, access road and car parking at Betton Road Marina Market Drayton, section of map showing tge area; road works, bridge no.63, Planning application, Roscoe and Bean Architects artists sketch of proposals; Erostin Developments; Humberts Petersfield Office leaflet offering for sale an established marina / chandlery business; map sections of proposed development; licence of mooring lay-bye at Betton Road, licence proposal; trip boat application Mr J S Brandon;, moorings between bridges 63 and 64 for ladyline Cruisers; Lease between British Waterways Board and Shropshire Union Cruises 1967 to 23/06/1985, 24/06/1964 to 23/06/1985, Lease of cottage No.7 8/04/1967 to 23/06/1985; Fire Insurance document; Shropshire Union Cruises Ltd lease of land at Norbury Junction 1975; drawing of Norbury junction SU 251 1972; Map Norbury junction scale 1:480 showing proposed demolition of buildings and new access road; Workshop Norbury junction, new lease 1973; proposed development 1973, complaint by BWB against SU Cruises for encroaching on BWB land, petrol tank, maintenance yard 1972, retaining wall, Valuation for new lease, Staffordshire County Council Permission for Development, Norbury junction plan no.2 Norbury junction plan no.3 SU 253; valuation for new lease 1972, letter re lease of land atTrevor 1972; dry dock at Norbury junction; petrol pump and storage at Norbury junction; Cottage No.7; Lease arrangements Cottages 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 1968, leisure area
Documents relating to ownership of land / canal on the Shrewsbury branch; privilge of bridge over canal at Pimley Rough Shrewsbury, 6" gas main atComet bridge No.46; D A Matthews use of towpath at public house No 79 and 81 Spring Gardens, Ditherington Rights of Way Act 1932; Deletions from Rent Roll 10/02/1955; Sale of portion of the Shropshire Union canal from BTC (British Transport Commission?) to Shrewsbury Corporation, Completion statement; Sale of land to Shrewsbury Council near New Inn bridge; Bridges A,B,C along the towpath at Uffington; Towpath Pimley, Pimley aqueduct, Pimley Bridge, Pimley Rough Bridge No. 46, Berwick Wharf Canal bridge No.37, various Rent Roll changes; Dewatering part of Shrewsbury branch, Plan 1/2500 Shrewsbury 1 Spring Gardens, Plan 1/2500 Shrewsbury 2 Pimley Manor, Uffington, Marked up draft conveyance between the British Transport Commission and The Mayor, Aldermen and Burgesses of the Borough of Shrewsbury; list of rents, notice period of various parties; Freehold agreement BTC and Geoffrey Holmes for part of disused Newport branch of SUC 5/09/1983; 1/2500 sketch of same; Agreement LMSR and North West Midlands Joint Electricity Authority 5/11/1943; Blueprint section of canal at Forton Dwg. N. 22969; Cancellation Authority disused canal Hills Bridge to Brownings Bridge Withington, Plan L associated with cancellatiion Authority; Draft Statutary declaration Colin Dunkley as to land at Forton, Shropshire; Sale of Newport branch land to Mrs Juhre; Notes relating to Culvert under the canal at Meese Aqueduct; Section of plan 1/2500 Newport bridge bridges 9 and 10; Draft Heads of Agreement for 523m of land between North Bank of River Meese to culvert 348 m of Sheeperley lane (Quarry) Bridge, Aqualete Estates, Plan Aqualate Estates1/2500 Drg. No. REO/DV/706/964; Map of section of Shropshire Union Canal Newport Bridge EON/DV/E.30.A , Map of section of Shropshire Union Canal Newport Bridge EON/DV/E.31.A , Map of section of Shropshire Union Canal Newport Bridge EON/DV/E.32.A ; Ironbridge - Meaford 132 kV line crossing Shropshire Union Canal at Preston , Wellington transfer to J H Sankey; Property Sale document J H Sankey Kinley Farm Preston Wellington; 1/2500 plan map of canal Kinley Bridge, Kinley Farm Dwg. No. REO/RDV/155; Heads of Agreement BWB and J H Sankey Kinley Farm; Marked up copy 1/2500 sketch at Wappenshall Bridge; Notes re meeting between J B Wyatt and J H Sankey 1962 ; Claim for flooding 901 and 902 1961
Hilmorton Repair Yard, "Order for Repairs" sheets filled out for work to be done; Folder List of tools equipment in Hilmorton Yard, Rugby; DIWE Quantity Stock card, Water Babies, Hilmorton; used stores requisition pad; Letter From Transport & General Workers Union, Waterways Trade Group - Quarterly Report 1962; Loose sheets, 4 week logs of Tug activity, Rugby, Leicester and Northampton areas; A3 sheets Docks and Inland Waterways Executive, South Eastern Division Rugby section G 'Materials Issued ' forms from Feb 1953 to 9/8/1953; Stock taking sheets from Kilby Bridge, Gayton, Crick 4th October 1953; Stock taking sheets at Hilmorton Kilby Thrupp 4th November 1951; A3 Form Stock of materials in hand on the 5th October 1952 at Hilmorton, Kilby Bridge, Thrupp and Gayton; Thrupp stock 4th Oct 1953; Section costing sheets for Hillmorton- material, labour and contract period 1 1958; various job costings , 1958; various invoices and purchase orders relating to Hillmorton depot 1955 to 1957; Drivers log book for vehicle 1711 NX from 30/10/1959 to6/07/1971; PG10 Appendix B "The Numeric Models" - Models a first approximation to the annual cost of renewing the major infastructure; Report "Planning and Progessing Engineering Works, Gloucester July 1983; Map - Example of coding system Oldbury section, Birmingham area; Report "Engineering Strategic Master Plan 1985 to 1994, 1984; Report "Operational Waterways -Computer data systems Register and Coding proposals" february 1984; Report "The Financial Ramifications to Public and Private Organisations following a withdrawal of Facilities provided by the existance of the Canal" April 1984; Report "Engineering Strategic Plan Draft 3 and Draft 4; Engineering Corporate Plan sections 1 - 3, July 1984'; "RAIN" diagram, Nov 1984
Leaflets, newsletters associated with the National Waterways Museum, Gloucester. Information sheets PP1 to PP7 December 1987; News release NWM 1 March 1987 through to NWM 69 17/1/1991; Record booklet for Factories Act 1961 Excavations, shafts, Earthworks, Tunnels, Cofferdams and Caisson inspection records of Lock no.1 Top Lock Latham ; Appley Lock no.1; Sollom Lock Tarleton; Town Meadow Bridge Rufford; Lock No.5 Rufford branch; Fearns Bridge Rufford branch; Rufford Swing Bridge; Canal Yard Burscough; Burscough Bridge; Tarleton Lock; A0 size British Waterways Board General Canal Bye-lawsposter; Small hand drawn map showing part of the Warwick and Napton canal and Napton reservoir (undated); List of contact telephone numbers for (Leeds and Liverpool canal) area engineers supervisors; Drawings associated with Gathurst Viaduct, Birmingham - Preston Viaduct 1958; Notepad "Length Inspection reports for Wigan section of the Leeds and Liverpool; correspondence relating to the standardisation of the use of lubricating oils; List of oil types used on a list of various tractors, cranes lorries etc; Annual report British Waterways Wigan Area 1982; Invitations to Tender for the replacement of Downholland Bridge; Document Chief Architects Office, Waterway Environment Services review paper on Regional Management; Board paper 26 "Heritage and Conservation; Gloucester North Warehouse Questions from the board's solicitior to the boards architect re Gloucester North Warehouse; Report on "Recreation on the Waterways, a fresh impetus" prepared by officers of the ammenity services division, November 12978; Leaflets re "Tugs" Weekend at Gloucester; "Lift and Shift Weekend, Gloucester; Cranes Weekend; Ropes Weekend, Gloucester
Lee and Stort Development Committee attendees from meeting no.54 15/11/1965 to meeting no. 145 23/06/1986; Lea and Stort Valley Guide black and white prints Set A no. 1 to 3, Set B No. 4 to 9, Set C no. 10 to 19, Set D no. 18 to 25, Set E No. 26 to 33; Dobbs, Kings and Carthagena Weirs; Planning applications Mill Bridge site, Glaxo site, Sheering Mill lane; condition of rivers Bishops Stortford overhanging trees; Letters to Parliament re lack of maintenance; Conservation area Enfield lock,; repairs to Ware lock, Hertford lock, Hardmead lock, Carthagena lock; Riverside development Bishops Stortford; Report onthe condition of the Navigations April 1982 River Lee and River Stort; Stort navigation Flood Alleviation scheme; Stanstead Airport North West Essex and East Herts Preservation Association; Committee general correspondence, members; Secretary's annual reports and Financial statements; Bishop's Stortford Town Council annual meeting; Lea and Stort Rivers Society Constitution 1985; Lea and Stort Rivers Society Newsletter April 1986, Minutes of Meeting April 1986, 14th Jan 1986, November 8th 1986; Awards Scheme 1986 "Eddies in History" the Lea and Stort ; List of Clubs and Societies, public transport, Local authorities, descriptions of entering the River Lee, Limehouse Basin, Limehouse Cut, Bow Creek, Three Mills, Bow Bridge, The Bow Back rivers,Old Ford locks,Hertford Union canal, Lea Bridge, Spring Hill, Tottenham, Stonebridge Locks Angel Road, Pickett's lock, Ponders End, Brimsdown, Enfield lock, Rammey Marsh, Waltham Abbey, Abbey Church Waltham Town Lock, Chestnut, Broxbourne, Carthagena lock, Dobb's Weir, Feilde's Weir, Rye House,Stanstead Abbots, Stanstead Lock, Hardmead lock, Ware, The Great Bed of Ware, Ware lock, The New River, Hertford lock, Hertford, Lower lock, Brick lock, Roydon mill, Roydon, Parndon mill, Burnt mill, Harlow Town park, Harlow lock, Feackes lock, Sheering Mill lock, Sawbridgeworth, Tednambury lock, Spelbrook lock, Twyford lock, South Mill lock Bishop's Stortford
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