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Commissioners for the Improvement of the Navigation of the River Severn


Records of the Commissioners for the Improvement of the Navigation of the River Severn: Acts, bills and related papers c1837-1920, byelaws and notices nd [mid 19th century]-c1931, deeds and related papers (1843)-1936, tenancy agreements and leases 1884-1947, papers concerning legal cases 1931-1940, papers concerning mortgages and loans 1842-1936, papers concerning insurance 1888-c1939, accounts 1843-1947, clerk's general correspondence and papers 1836-1949, engineer and manager's general correspondence and papers 1913-1955, papers concerning acts, bills and schemes promoted by other bodies 1850-1968, papers concerning meetings of Commissioners and Commitees 1852-1947, records relating to employees 1912-1949, tolls and traffic records 1892-1950, plans and sections of the river (1786)-1944, improvements and maintenance records nd [1840s]-1951, including papers and plans concerning bridges, locks, weirs, dredging and related matters, plans of Severn Commission land and premises alongside the river (1843)-1947, plans of land and premises alongside the river occupied by other bodies 1918-1948, plans of crossings of river by pipes, wires and cables 1915-1947, water level records 1836-1947, papers concerning the Royal Commission on Canals and Waterways 1896-1912, printed material 1867-nd c1944.



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The records comprising this fonds have been deposited in the British Waterways Archive, Gloucester between 1963 and 2002. The material has come to the archive gradually over the years and many of the individual records, although indexed, have never been fully accessioned. As a result of this the exact provenance of much of the material and how it was collected is unknown. Most of the material has come from various British Waterways' offices, but some has been deposited by both British Waterways' employees and individuals with a background and/or interest in waterways. There are also a number of records which have been purchased from auction.

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