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"Anderton Lift. 1891, 1895, 1905. Corres with Trent & Mersey Canal"


Scope and Content

-Corresp. with N.S.Rly 1891-96 re variously enlargement T & M to take Lostock barge traffic, lack of necessary depth of water at base of lift.

-Notes on caisson rebuild 1896 with details of drafts of Northwich Carrying Co barges.

-Corresp. with M.S.C. re lease of some of their Anderton accomodation by W.N.T.

-Corresp. with B.M. & Co., M.W & S.C.C.C. re traffic arrangements during 1905 stoppage of lift (reconstruction).

-Copy of letter from W.J. Yarwoods to Inman (W.N.T. manager) concerning the possible reconstruction of lift witha greater gauge.

-Precise measurements of T. & M.C's gauge above & below Middlewich. 1905.

-Copies of corresp. with N.S.Rly. & N.S.C. re toll arrangements during 1905 lift closure (traffic re-routed via Preston Brook etc).

-1930 corresp. with L.M.S, reconstruction of towpath bridge, Anderton upper basin.



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