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"North Eastern Railway River Darwent [sic] Navigation and Pocklington Canal"


With ordnance survey maps showing River Derwent Navigation and giving details of owners and occupiers of land adjoining canal; plans of lands purchased for Pocklington Canal from River Derwent at East Cottingwith to Pocklington with alphabetical index and copy of book of reference to plan for Pocklington Canal made by George Leather Junior 30 September 1814. Plans contain details of agreements. First page signed by G Irving, estate agent; annotated on front cover "Secretary's Office". Ordnance Survey reference: sheet numbers for Yorkshire (West Riding and East Riding) - CCXXXVII.1 1890, CCXXXVII.2 1890; Yorshire (North Riding and East Riding): CLXXV.2 1893; CLVIII.15 1893; CLVIII.11 first edition 1891; CLVIII.12 first edition 1891; CLVIII.8 first edition 1891; CLVIII.4 first edition 1891; CXLI.16 first edition 1891; CXLI.15 first edition; CXLI.12 first edition; CXLI.8 first edition 1891; CXLI.4 first edition 1891; CXLII.1 first edition 1891; CXXIV.13 first edition 1891; CXXIV.9 first edition 1891; CXXIV.10 first edition 1891; CXXIV.6 1892; CXXIV.7 1892; Yorkshire (East Riding): CCXXII.14 1891; CCXXII.15 first edition 1888-89; CCXXII.11 1890; CCXXII.10 first edition 1889; CCXXII.6 first edition 1889; CCXXII.7 first edition 1889; CCXXII.2 first edition 1889; CCXXII.3 first edition 1889; CCVII.15 first edition 1889; CCVII.14 first edition 1889; CCVII.10 first edition 1889; CCVII.6 1891; CCVII.2 1891; CXCII.14 first edition 1890; CXCII.10 1892; CXCII.6 first edition 1890; CXCII.2 1892; CXCII.3 1892; CLXXV.16 1892; CLXXV.14 1892; CLXXV.10 1892; CLXXV.11 1892; CLXXV.7 first edition 1891; CLXXV.6 first edition; CLXXV.6 first edition 1891; CLXXV.3 first edition 1891.


12 November 1901

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