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A model of the narrow boat Snipe carrying barrels of chemicals. The narrow boat Snipe worked for WH Cowburn and Cowpar Ltd of Manchester. The model was made by Don Sattin of Sittingbourne. W H Cowburn & Cowpar Limited. Between 1945 and 1949 I was employed by W H Cowburn & Cowpar Limited at their chemical works on Textilose Road (between Westinghouse Road and the Bridgewater Canal) in Trafford Park which they shared with the Courtaulds Limited chemical operation. A W Cowburn was Managing Director of W H Cowburn & Cowpar Limited and General Manager of the Courtaulds operation. Cowburn & Cowpar were chemical manufacturers in their own right and additionally acted as Factors for other manufacturers. Beyond this they ran a transport operation for the delivery of bulk sulphuric acid and carbon disulphide to Courtaulds viscose rayon factories by road tankers, sulphuric acid by rail tankers and other chemicals in carboys, drums and hessian bags on flat platform vehicles. The small fleet of narrow boats with names such as Stork, Swallow, Snipe etc. were fitted with tanks and were used exclusively for the transportation of highly inflammable carbon disulphide from Trafford Park to the Courtaulds viscose rayon factories at Wolverhampton and Coventry. The tanks were kept full at all times employing water to displace the carbon disulphide at the point of destination and were returned to Trafford Park completely full of water. At least one of the boats was built by Yarwoods of Northwich. Several of the boatmen had homes in places such as Barnton and Middlewich. Two surnames that I can recall are Goldstraw and Done. A model of the Snipe, Manchester Registration Number 1137, is in a glass case at the Boat Museum at Ellesmere Port. John V Jackson, 6 Shepherds Way, Rickmansworth, Herts., WD3 7NJ. Tel: 01923 446566 email: john.jackson107@ntlworld.com
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