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Grand Union Canal. Drawings of standard lock fittings and windlass


Drawings of Grand Union standard lock gate fittings and windlass: No.602 Wind Lass No.667 Hollow quoin anchor plate No.665 Gate Bolt No.662 Ground paddle frame Bottom gate paddle frame No.661 Centre paddle frame No.659A Anchor horn No.658 Gate Collar No.640 Joint pin No.637 Eye bolt No.634 Ground paddle catch, side pond paddle catch No.633 Bottom gate spindle No.632 Top gate spindle No.631 Connecting rod No.629 "L" iron No.628 "T" iron No.623 Handrail bottom gate wide lock No.620 Side pond paddle post No.615 Rack key No.613 Ground paddle and side pond paddle pinion No.612 Bottom gate paddle pinion No.611 Single ended centre paddle pinion No.610 Double ended centre paddle pinion No.609 Side pond paddle No.608 Ground paddle bottom gate paddle No.606 Side pond paddle bolt No.605 Ground paddle bolt and Bottom gate paddle bolt No.604 Centre paddle bolt No.600/600A Collar key (left and right handed)


20th century

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53 sheets
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